"The teachers at Kids World care for my baby as I would at home and there is no greater feeling than knowing that my baby is in good hands."

Kelly, Parent of an infant


Our infants classroom starts at 6 weeks and goes up to 12 months.  During this time, your baby's development is very sensitive. They are taking in the environment around them and continuously using their 5 senses. Kids World maintains an environment that is conducive to your baby's growth while focusing on each developmental stage.  We also emphasize specific techniques that work on fine and gross motor skills as to develop muscle strength for your baby and prepare them for their next classroom.


Our Toddler 1 classroom begins at 12 months and goes to 16 months.  It is in this classroom that we continue learning by introducing new educational techniques.  We introduced our children to books, artwork and free play.  Each of these activities aids in the growth of your child cognitive, physical and social skills.  By the time your child is ready to advance to the next classroom he/she will have developed the necessary skills to begin the next stage of their life.



Our teachers are dedicated to providing your child with the best care possible.  Kids World ensures an open communication between parents and teachers so you are always aware of what is going on in your baby's day even when you are not with them.  Our low infant to teacher ratio allows individual attention on a daily basis.