Once your child turns two they will transition into our A-BEKA 2 program.  This curriculm spans over the course of the year and introduces your child to educational concepts by using three different workbooks.  They are introduced to numbers, colors, shapes and letters.  Your child will also work on name recognition, proper ways to express emotions and circle time.  Our teachers use a structured schedule to help optimize your child's development.  With the A-BEKA program, your child will also participate in group Bible stories, read aloud by our teachers.  This classroom will help your child to develop a strong sense of accomplishment through group and individual projects.

Your child's educational developement will also be supplemented by free play, inside as well as outside.  He or she will also have a chance to develop friendly relationships between classmates that will last throughout their time here at Kids World.  In addition, your child will start working on potty training.  Our teachers are dedicated to working with your child to make potty training a simple but positive process.